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    Form for getting an estimate for editing


    Please read the following information before you submit your request for an estimate.

    1. Please provide all the information that is asked for below. We will use it to construct a formal estimate for you.

    2. It is essential that you provide the number of editable words in your document, excluding references but including tables, figure legends, acknowledgements, and any declarations of interest. We use the word count to calculate the estimate.

    3. The full address of your university or company may be very long and include a laboratory as wel as department, faculty, etc. It is not possible to specify the form fields precisely for every possible type of address. However, we have included a sufficient number of fields for any address. Please complete these as necessary to generate a proper address for your requirements.

    4. When you submit the form, you will be taken to an html page that displays your formal estimate. Please save it as a .pdf file. You will then be able to submit it to your finance office.

    5. Please note that there will be no navigation links on the page that shows your estimate.

    6. If we have edited your paper before, we will edit your revised version at our standard hourly rate, to reduce costs for you. See Fees and payment for our current rates.

    Your Title:
    Your First Name (given name):
    Your Last Name (family name):
    University/Company Department:
    Address 1:
    Address 2:
    Address 3:
    Postcode/Zip code:
    Primary e-mail address:
    Secondary e-mail address:
    Title of paper:
    Number of words, excluding references but including tables, figure legends, and acknowledgements:
    VAT Number (if applicable):
    P.O. Number or Grant Number (if applicable):
    Do you require certification of editing?
    Have we edited your paper before?
    What is the capital of France?
    (Show you are human; if you don't answer the form will fail.)
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